Scorpion ERG
The Scorpion ERG was designed to make Electroretinography as simple as possible. The development was based on the current state of the art. The selection of various high-end components resulted in the smallest and most mobile system in the world. The Scorpion has an internal rechargeable battery and communicates via Bluetooth. With its functional designed device holder, the stimulator can be easily positioned in front of any small animal. It is also the first ERG device which offers a 2-channel amplifier as a standard to save time and to reduce stress to the patient.
Binocular Electroretinogram

Mobile 2-Channel System

The Scorpion ERG is using an internal rechargeable battery. This ensures less noise and enhanced patient security.

Intelligent Curve Analysis

The software is automatically analyzing the result. The results are optimized and marked with all important characteristics.

Low Noise by Nature

Due to the selected technologies the Scorpion ERG itself isn’t applying any relevant noise to the ERG signal.

Extreme Low Noise Electrophysology
Automatic Cataract ERG Test
To make things simple the Scorpion ERG can perform automatic ERG examinations. The only actions the user must do is to place the electrodes and press the start button. The software will automatically do the ERG tests. An intelligent algorithm is analyzing the collected data and presents the final printout.

Automatic ERG Test

The Scorpion ERG runs examinations automatically, so just one person is needed to monitor the patient.

Pre-Examination Check-Up

Before every examination the system is checking the environment for possible problems. If it finds a problem, it gives hints to solve them.

Photopic Conditions

A fast cataract screening can be done in photopic conditions which reduces the examination duration to a few minutes.

Automatic Electroretinogram and Visual Evoked Potentials
Designed Simplicity
The Scorpion ERG uses the latest technologies and materials to achieve the highest possible efficiency and usability. But the focus lays on an intuitive software which is using modern algorithms to relieve the user of a large part of the work. In addition, entire examinations are largely automated. Through the voluntary connection with an online database, normal values are made available for various species and breeds from the collected anonymized data.

Binocular or Monocular

The software can be switched from the standard binocular to a standard monocular mode depending on the user needs.

Day / Night Mode

Depending on the examination type the software switched automatically between day and night mode to reduce light emission into a dark room.

Included Windows Tablet

Always included is a preinstalled Windows tablet. Depending on the chosen package it is a small tablet or a high-end tablet with keyboard.

ERG with included Windows tablet
ECVO and ESVO Standard Protocols
The Scorpion ERG is designed to fully meet the ECVO standards. The software has fixed standard protocols to ensure all customers are using the same protocols. For the user it is possible to upload the examination result to the Argus Cloud database to build up an upcoming normal database.

ECVO Standard Protocols

You can choose between different standard examination protocols. Other protocols may be added over time.

Normal Database (2019)

By providing anonymized results a future normal database will be realized.

Social Components (2019)

The software will provide different social components for a better communication between veterinarians.

ERG with included Windows tablet
Accessories and Electrodes
Any common eye electrode can be used with the Scorpion ERG. Delivered with the system are affordable steel needle electrodes and ERG-Jet electrodes as active electrodes.

Active Eye Electrodes

As a standard a set of ERG-Jet electrodes are delivered with every system.

Needle Electrodes

To save money for the customer the Scorpion ERG is using 1mm male needle electrodes.

Other Tools

Optional other electrodes or tools can be ordered by our distributor.

ECVO and ESVO Standard Protocols
Technical Data
ERG Collage


Number of Channels: 2
Amplifier: Low Noise/High-Resolution 24-bit delta-sigma
Sample Rate: 4K SPS
Amplitude Resolution: 0.04µV
CMRR: -105dB
Stimulator: 2x Multilayer Dispersion – LED White
Flash Intensities: 0.03 – 3.0 cd*s/m²
Backlight: 30cd/m²
Stimulation Area: 35mm
Battery: Lithium-Ion 1260mAh 3.7V
Wireless: Bluetooth 4.2
Tablet: Windows 10 (may vary depending on availability)
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The Scorpion ERG can be purchased from our exclusive distributor Dioptrix.
Distriputor Dioptrix
+33 534 301 244

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