Argos (latin: Argus) is a character in the ancient Greek tragedy Prometheus, attributed to the poet Aeschylus. Argos (also Panóptes, the All-seer) was a giant with a hundred eyes all over his body, so that he could look in all directions. Since only one pair of eyes slept at a time, he was an ideal watchman.

In the story, the goddess Hera had the mistress of Zeus (Io), who was transformed into a cow, guarded by the giant Argos. This way she wanted to prevent Zeus and Io from having a lovers’ meeting. But on Zeus’ orders Hermes the messenger of the gods put Argos to spleep and killed him. Jupiter’s wife Juno brought his one hundred eyes into the peacock’s plumage to honour him.

From this mythology arose also the saying: Something is Argus-eyed.

The painting Juno and Argus by Peter Paul Rubens from the early 17th century.


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